Less is More – When Revitalizing Your Home

As architectural designs for both newly constructed and revitalized homes continue to trend toward open, functional spaces that are both luxurious and exceptionally livable, clean lines, simplicity and the allure of a serene environment are the hallmarks of today’s contemporary design. Simplicity, however, does not have to be stark. The use of materials with warmth and texture, and furnishings that are visually inviting make the difference between minimalist and monastic.

“The visionary architects, William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright paved the way for the minimalist movement,” said Vogue Interiors’ award-winning interior designer Donna G. Overly, ASID, CAPS, “and stressed the importance of restraint and simplicity during a time of extremely ornate designs. Their avant-garde approach encouraged people to leave behind the
heavy, overdone style of what was considered typical and popular at the time. When a homeowner chooses to revitalize their home, we have found there are a variety of elements that can contribute to creating a serene ambiance that is both aesthetically and intellectually pleasing.”

To create that ambiance, Donna recommends using furnishings that have simple yet artistic styling with clean-lined design elements. A strategic lighting design that combines stylish, even edgy, lighting fixtures with concealed light sources can be utilized to direct the eye to features, furnishings, and accessories that are highlights and memory points of the interior design concept. In keeping with the tenants of the contemporary design style, a sense of luxury can be expressed through the use of a monochromatic color palette that is accented with thoughtfully chosen art pieces and accessories. Wood and stone elements can be utilized to provide a pleasing high contrast to the neutral palette while complimenting the home’s exterior finishes and bring the outside in.

“Open concept architectural designs, simple artistic styling, and the use of serene aesthetic features exemplify the ‘Less is More’ interior design concept that will provide a fresh new look for today’s style-conscious homeowner,” said Donna. “The idea is to add visual features, such as bold patterns, very sparingly to add a dash of style without being overwhelming. The use of flowing lines and sculptural curves can help enhance tight spaces that might otherwise seem cramped. A Zen-like element can be added by using fabric selections with natural fibers and textures. The visual rhythm that is a critical part of successful interior design is best created by using a single focal point in each room. This might be a breathtaking sculpture, a compelling piece of art, or a creatively designed furniture piece. The lighting in each room can be designed to bring special attention to each focal point. These design memory points will create visual appeal, as well as a pleasing, lasting impression.

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