Invest in the Look You Want – With a Professional Interior Designer

Tune in to cable television virtually any afternoon or evening and you’ll likely find a do-it-yourself program about creating an interior design for your home. What these programs invariably overlook is the value a licensed professional interior designer can bring to the process. Rather than being limited to a signature design style, a skilled interior designer will first listen, and then present possibilities based on an extensive design spectrum and a broad range of knowledge and experience, all of which can prove to be invaluable to a homeowner whether they are renovating, remodeling, or designing the interior of a new home.

“Next to your name, your home is your most personal possession and presents a clear expression of who you are and what is important to you,” said Vogue Interiors’ Donna Overly, ASID, CAPS.

“Some people resist engaging a professional interior designer out of concerns about the cost and the time involved, particularly during the conceptual stages of a design project. What this resistance fails to recognize are the immediate and long-term benefits of working with a professional. A professionally designed interior will capture your unique personal preferences while enhancing the value of your home. It comes down to not only investing in your home, but, more importantly, in yourself, and you are worth it. The process is about creating an ambiance you and your family will enjoy today and for years to come.”

Interior design is far more complex than simply picking a paint color, flooring materials, or a piece of furniture. A professional design takes into account your day-to-day needs and requirements, your age, family structure, likes and dislikes, your home’s architectural style, construction details, and aesthetic goals. Professional interior designers make hundreds of decisions on behalf of their clients and know how to do so efficiently, effectively, and artfully while maximizing the return on each client’s investment. The end-result is a design that is timeless and a feeling that provides long lasting enjoyment.

“A licensed professional is more than a designer,” said Donna. “He or she is also an exceptional listener. They know the questions to ask, how to stimulate the thought process, and how to interpret their clients’ likes and dislikes. We expect our clients to invest their time during the crucial early stages of the design process. Based on those initial conversations, we will present a detailed design concept. Once we are in absolute synch with our client, we orchestrate every aspect of the project, from the creation and communication of the project documents, permitting, hiring and overseeing the trades people and contractors, executing the selection, payment, and delivery of materials, furnishings, and accessories, and job site inspections while keeping the project on time and on budget. These functions, along with a highly creative sensibility, are what an accomplished designer brings to every project. They are invaluable and ultimately save the client time while creating living spaces that will evoke a personal sense of pride and enjoyment.”

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