Vogue Interiors In-Tune With Renovation Design Trends

Throughout its award-winning history, Vogue Interiors in Bonita Springs has established a track record for staying abreast of interior design trends and for adapting prevailing sentiments within the design industry to meet its clients’ uniquely personal visions of how they want their homes to live. Trends showcased by the media, shelter magazines, the fashion industry, smart technology purveyors, and sustainability proponents influence both new construction and renovation design concepts. Incorporating trending design tendencies for renovation projects involves a unique set of considerations.

“One area that plays an important role in renovation projects is the trend toward adaptability,” said Vogue Interiors’ Donna Overly, ASID, CAPS. “In Southwest Florida, this influence is primarily driven by our population of retired and semi-retired homeowners, but they are not alone. Adaptability, or Universal Design, when applied to renovation, serves more than our senior demographics. Adaptability allows people of all ages and abilities to live a more
comfortable lifestyle with ease of use. This benefits those with limited capabilities, people with disabling injuries, as well as the normal effects of aging. In bathrooms, we remove the barriers of shower curbs, use shower heads on glide bars for ease and comfort, as well as grab bars that not only provide safety, but can also be aesthetically pleasing. ‘Comfort height’ toilets reduce the strain on knees and back.”

The notion of adaptability extends throughout Overly’s renovation designs. In kitchens, adaptability takes shape in the use of hands free faucetry, drawers that improve accessibility by replacing hidden shelves, and LED lighting that uses less electricity and is a better light source for the aging eye. Accessible doorways and hallways provide appropriate space for any occasion when a wheelchair or walker may be necessary. Door knobs are replaced with levers that can be activated with the side of a hand or elbow. These features improve function while adding to the aesthetic value of the home or condo that benefits the homeowner while enhancing the resale value of the residence.

“The stigma that has assigned Universal Design to handicap environments has given way to the flexibility and convenience of these adaptability features,” said Overly. “This trend ties into the movement toward healthier living, sustainable and recyclable materials, and smart design. It’s making what we do every day more enjoyable for us. Adaptability, home entertaining, convenience and innovation contribute to what is simply ‘smart design’. We are no longer afraid to break with convention so that baby boomers and millennials alike can live a more easy-going, stress-free lifestyle. This trend is becoming a primary focus with all age groups. Entertaining at home is not just a trend, but has become the norm. Renovation plans frequently include an open plan with the kitchen providing the hub for entertaining. Formal dining areas are all but disappearing, allowing a more beneficial use of space that speaks to our casual lifestyle. Convenience is the key.”

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