Vogue Interiors’ beautiful Showroom presents a wide array of indoor and outdoor furnishings and the accessories that will complement them perfectly. To ensure the Showroom reflects all that’s new in interior design, Vogue’s licensed professional interior designers join other designers from around the world for twice a year gatherings at the High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina. The world’s largest home furnishings market, High Point hosts over 75,000 design industry professionals annually and presents innovative and beautiful new products, unique merchandising concepts, and all the trends for the new design season. Vogue’s designers also attend the Atlanta Market each summer and always return with spectacular new accessories. Whether building new or remodeling, when it comes to interior design it’s important to remember that accessories are just as important as the furniture selections. Accessories can add welcomed bursts of color, create compelling memory points, and bring both warmth and dimension to your living spaces. Painted canvases, art pieces, floral arrangements, and collectibles are the finishing touches of any design and can transform your house into a home. Also remember that it takes the trained eye of a professional interior designer to maximize the impact of your accessories and create that essential WOW factor!