Sandra Nelson Moye
Design Center Librarian

With over 30 years of experience in the design field, Sandra Nelson Moye serves as Vogue Interiors’ Design Center Librarian. Originally from Massachusetts, her career has explored a variety of paths focused on creating a look and feel that resonates with consumers, including clothing design, fabric design, graphic design, interior design, and textile design. She also served as an interior design instructor at The Atlanta College of Art for three years. Now, through regularly scheduled meetings with design materials suppliers, Sandra curates and maintains the Vogue Design Center’s vast collection of samples of the most up to date flooring, carpeting, wall coverings, lighting, fabrics, and numerous other products that can contribute to the success of a finished interior design. Thanks to Sandra, Vogue’s Design Center Library is one of the firm’s most valuable assets. Each week, she meets with Vogue’s professional interior designers to present and review what’s new. This constant attention to staying abreast of developments and changes within the interior design industry allows Vogue’s designers to present the latest selections to their clients.